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Cloakroom basins are a compact type of sink that mount directly on the wall with no pedestal underneath. They can enhance many different types of bathroom. These small, space-efficient basins have a range of advantages compared to other types of sink.

Space Saving

The simplest and most widely appreciated advantage of cloakroom basins is that they save space when compared to other types of basin. Not only are they physically small, but the fact that they fit directly to the wall means that space is saved underneath thanks to the absence of a pedestal. This is a huge advantage for making the most of small bathrooms and preventing them from becoming cramped. This is especially true if you need to store some items in a small bathroom, because items can be more comfortably placed under the sink as there is no pedestal in the way.


Even if your bathroom has the space to comfortably fit a traditional basin, choosing a smaller, more compact cloakroom basin can help it to look roomier, neater and more welcoming. Larger items make a bigger impression and draw the eye towards them. Smaller items, on the other hand, fit subtly into a room without dominating people's gaze. Neater, tidier bathrooms with more space and fewer large items generally look better and make people feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Highly Functional

Items which offer advantages such as saving space often end up compromising on functionality. They may look better and fit into smaller bathrooms, but they do not work as well and are not as practical and functional as their full-size counterparts. This is not the case, however, with cloakroom basins. As the functions of a sink are fairly simple, they are able to provide a complete, highly practical solution for your bathroom's needs. In fact, in some ways they are more practical than traditional basins. Larger types of sink are often fitted with two separate taps, whereas cloakroom basins usually save space by employing mixer taps which allow you to adjust the water to a comfortable temperature.

To find out more about the types of cloakroom basins available, feel free to explore the range of affordable, high-quality products in the Click Basin online store. We can provide a wide range of cloakroom and traditional basins that are perfect for any bathroom.