14 Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

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14 Storage Ideas to Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

Bathroom storage can be a dilemma. The smallest room in your house only looks smaller when cluttered and scattered with towels and toiletries. Fear not though, we’ve come up with 14 storage ideas and solutions that will help give your bathroom a feeling of style, spaciousness and calm.

Whether you have a lot of space to play with or can’t swing the proverbial cat, we have practical and easy to implement storage ideas that will take your bathroom from cluttered nightmare to minimalist dream. 

1. Clear the Floorspace by Utilising Wall Hung Vanity Cabinets

Clearing the floor will not only give your room the illusion of space, making any room feel bigger and brighter. It will also enable you to store more of your bathroom essentials at arms reach. 

Wall Hung Vanity Cabinets come in a range of styles to suit any bathroom and will solve your storage needs in a stylish and elegant way. Making the most of the often unused area below your bathroom sink.

Wall Hung Vanity Unit

2. Add Shelves and Decorate

Another way to clear the floor is the humble shelf. A simple yet effective way of storing your more commonly-used bathroom toiletries. Use stylised jars and containers to add a touch of fashion and a decorative element to your displayed items.  

Corner shelves will take up even less room, whilst giving you as-much-as if not more storage space by having two or three tiers. 

Bathroom Shelf

3. Get a Basin That Does More

If you prefer to have your toiletries on display and don’t like the idea of a cabinet then a bathroom basin that comes complete with shelves and a towel rail could be the ideal way to organise your space. 

You can get creative with this, from a standard shelf directly underneath your sink to something a little more stylish. This Pedestal Stand and Basin Set is the perfect example of function and form – whilst being highly space-efficient. Leaving room elsewhere for a larger cabinet or shelf unit. 

Basin with Shelves

4. Give Everything a Home

It’s all well and good getting your bathroom nice and tidy but often; it soon gets into a mess again. Clutter can strike no matter how much storage you have. A great way to combat this is to make sure your essentials have a set place to be kept. An Accessory set is ideal for this. Matching items such as toothbrush holders, towel rails, robe hooks and soap dishes will ensure your everyday things have a set place to live. 

5. Use a Stool for Storage and Practicality

A small stool can be used to store folded towels or commonly-used toiletries, like a shelf with the added bonus of being somewhere you can sit when it’s the kid’s bathtime. An old wooden stool is perfect for a vintage-looking bathroom or a Mediterranean feel. Whilst other styles can contribute to a modern/Scandi vibe. 

The added advantage of being portable and light means you can always utilise it elsewhere in the house and easily put it away when it’s not in use.

Bathroom Stool

6. Corner Units Take Up Less Space

If your bathroom is closer to tiny than grandiose, then squeezing every last square inch out of the room is vital.

A corner unit will not only take up less space in your bathroom it’ll give you extra storage. Win! 

Whilst small, these units have ample room for your essentials and a few towels. Keeping them out of sight and your bathroom looking spacious and tidy. 

These are perfect for en-suites and downstairs loos, where space is often at a premium.

Corner Bathroom Unit

7. Low Profile Shelving and Cabinets

Sticking with the corner theme. Corner shelf units and cabinets are a fantastic way to add easily accessible storage to your bathroom. Without having to sacrifice valuable space. Wall-mounted or free-standing – depending on your style and taste, these items are perfect for storing commonly-used items and decorative trinkets. 

8. Upcycle

If you have space, then upcycling a rustic old cabinet is a great way to add extra storage. You can find these for relatively cheap by visiting antique auctions or looking online – places like Gumtree and Facebook. Don’t worry if something isn’t exactly to your tastes, you can always paint it and change the finish.

Bathroom Upcycle

9. Go Left Field and Mix It Up

Bathroom furniture doesn’t have to have been made for the bathroom. Add some interest with objects such as glass-fronted cabinets, bookshelves or display cases. Yes, they’re built for reception areas and living rooms but can add a touch of class to your bathroom too. 

Another decorative idea, combining a storage solution with aesthetic panache.

10. Organise Your Towels

When it comes to mess in your bathroom, towels can be the worst offenders, so make sure you have a place to keep them neat and tidy. 

Towel rails can take up unnecessary wall space so a great idea is to choose something that incorporates a towel rail into your basin or a shelf. Not only does this free up wall space it also looks tidier and more stylish. Hand towels can live here quite happily, whilst larger towels are better kept in a drawer. Like the one on your vanity unit or cabinet. 

Bathroom Basin With Towel Rail

11. Get Your Hands on Some Baskets

A group of various size rattan or wicker baskets is a practical way to store towels, toiletries and bath accessories. They look great too, adding another colour and texture to your bathroom’s aesthetic. They’re a great place to throw unwanted clutter when you’re in a hurry and they’re easily hidden away when not in use. 

If not ideal for a long-term solution, then they’re a low cost and pretty way to temporarily store things before you move on to a new vanity or wall-mounted cabinet.

12. Give Your Bathroom a Focal Point

If you’re lucky enough to have a larger bathroom then a fantastic way to really make the most of this extra space is to give your bathroom a focal point with a classic unfitted vanity unit. Unfitted units give a more relaxed feel without compromising on storage and are able to draw the eye more by feeling separate from the rest of the room. With ample space under the basin for baskets, rolled towels and toiletries, they’re perfect to give your bathroom the feel of a boutique hotel. 

13. Double Up Functionality

A great way to create extra storage in your bathroom is to get two-in-one items. Bathroom pieces that serve multiple purposes are always going to help you create space and reduce clutter.

For example, a mirrored cabinet will not only store essentials it’ll give you a place to get yourself ready in the morning. As an extra bonus, mirrors will make the room feel larger and brighter. 

There is a whole range of styles to suit your specific bathroom tastes. I personally like my mirrored cabinets to look more mirror than cabinet, making this sort of style fit perfectly.

Bathroom Corner Mirror
Bathroom mirror cabinet

14. Make Use of Hooks and Hanging Containers

A simple row of hooks can be used to store robes (obviously) and of course, hang towels. But you can get even more storage from this simple addition by hanging other containers such as baskets or bags. A great place for all your little bits and pieces that don’t have a regular home elsewhere in the bathroom. Children’s bath toys for example – keeping them out of sight and off the floor. 

Hanging containers bathroom

There you have it! 14 great tips to help you maximise storage in your bathroom. Do you use any of these already? Or do you have any other ideas that have helped you save space and increase storage in the past? If so, please leave a comment and share your knowledge/experiences!

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