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16 Amazing Ideas for Countertop Bathroom Basins

By Deborah | March 16, 2022

5 mins read | Bathroom Inspiration

Awesome Ideas for mounting your Bathroom Sink

Looking for inspirational countertop basin ideas? Gone are the days of the traditional pedestal basin with matching toilet and bath. Today, with the huge choice of sinks available, we can revamp our bathrooms, ensuites and even cloakroom to make them awesome and totally unique to you. So, the only limitation is your imagination!  Read our separate guide about the different types of counter top basin available here:  Countertop Basins – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Countertop Basins - The Complete Buyers Guide
Countertop Basins – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Here and in no particular order, are some of Clickbasin’s favourite and most awesome countertop ideas for bathroom basins. Enjoy. 

1. Pebbles in a Wooden Frame

This example is unusual but so effective. The clear square glass basin sits nicely on this pebble base and it looks like the tap base is sitting among them together with the soap bottle. Beware though that pebbles are not allowed to be pilfered from beaches in the UK so if you do decide to take up this project, then they must be sourced legally. If pebbles are not your thing, then shells, bottle caps, corks and glass beads are just some other options … the list is endless. 

Mounting a Glass Basin on Pebbles is a great countertop basin idea
Clear Glass Basin on Pebbles in a Wooden Frame

2. Wall or Floor Tiles

Giving the look of one continuous surface as the tiles leave the floor and continue on the surface and then lead up the wall. The countertop is a wood frame tiled to match. As a result, you have an effective, very practical wash area since the tile is hard wearing, easy to clean and once grouted will be water tight too. As you are making it to size, this option will fit the your space exactly as you want it with no compromise.

Stone Resin Basins on Floating Shelf
Using Wall or Floor TIles as a Counter Top Surface
Basin on tiled shelf
Narrow Wall Tiles as a Counter Top Surface
Countertop Basin Ideas: Basin on tiled shelf
Continue Wall Tiles along the counter top

3. Upcycled Bedside Cabinets

Bedside cabinets are a great size for mounting a bathroom basin on. Plus, they’re easily sourced second hand on auction sites or market places. Why not upcycle with a bit of rubbing down and repainting, they could make a real statement piece for the bathroom.

Choose a taller cabinet around 70 – 80cm high, as that is a good height with the basin. If they have drawers, the top one will have the plumbing in but the rest should be OK to use for extra storage too. 

Double Basins on Small Stand
Recycled Bedside Cabinets

4. The ever popular sewing machine stand

We’ve seen a few of these over the years but they all look great. This one has a sturdy piece of wood as the counter top and the customer has opted for a black tap to match the black frame.

basin on sewing machine
The ever popular sewing machine stand

5. Upcycled Kitchen Dresser

A old kitchen dresser, available widely on auction sites and in secondhand stores, is a great upcycler for bathroom basins. They are sturdy with lots of storage and can be easily painted or varnished to match your colour scheme.

Clear Glass Shabby Chic Bathroom
A helpful storage drawer under a wall hung vanity unit

6. Concrete Counter Top

For the latest look, a concrete countertop is the go to option. There are plenty of DIY guides on YouTube or purpose websites. It doesn’t have to be a stone grey either. There are colour mixes and tints which can be added to give superb effects. As the size is made to measure , they can will fit your space precisely leaving no need to compromise.

basin follage
Concrete Counter Tops

7. Basin On Toilet Citern

This clever design idea works for both saving space and also water. It can be plumbed in so that as you wash your hands you fill the cistern up too using the water twice. Ideal for the homes with a separate loo and bathroom or where you want to add an extra toilet.

Cisern Ledge as a counter top
Using the Cistern Back as the Counter Top
Basin on the back of toilet
Basin on the back of a toilet

8. Hallway Narrow Table

Either bought new or refurbished,  a hall way table gives the great option for narrow bathroom space. Most of these type of table are around 30cm to 45cm wide. This one has the Reggio Counter Top Basin which is 30 cm wide (back to front). There are usually additional storage with a hallway table which is always welcome in the bathroom.

Hall way narrow table
A helpful storage drawer under a wall hung vanity unit

9. Simply a Chunk of Wood

This option oozes rustic chic. Get hold of a thick piece of wood – you can buy reclamation wood or have a piece cut to size. The image below looks like two sleepers secured together to get the width needed. The addition of the towel is a neat feature too.

Hunk of a Chunk of Wood
A helpful towel rail underneath
shelf bathroom basin
Natural wood shelf with black basin
Wooden Shelf

10. Side Table as a Basin CounterTop

A side table converted to a basin stand is a great option for setting a countertop basin on. As this table has sides, it’s a great choice as the plumbing pipes are hidden from view and looks like they are plumbed out to the wall.

Side Table as a Basin CounterTop
A helpful storage drawer under a wall hung vanity unit

11. Old Dining Table Converted

With many great features, this dining table which has been left rough and rustic is central to the room with the plumbing coming up from the floor. The his ‘n’ her basins sit neatly on the top.    

Dining table Basin Stand
Rough and Rustic Kitchen Table Upcycled for Bathroom Basins

12. Basin on a Stool

As a statement piece, this basin on a stool works a treat and is also great for small spaces. Not one we’ve tried ourselves yet but seems to work well.

Baisn on a Stool
Basin on a Stool
Basin on a Stool
Basin on a Tall Stool

13. Kitchen Cupboard and Work Top

A simply and easily sourced kitchen cupboard, available in 60cm or 40cm depths can be used in the bathroom quite easily.  The countertop is actually a kitchen worktop and the customer has used the same kitchen work top on the window sill too.

Kitchen Cupboard and Surface
Kitchen Cupboard and Surface
Narrow Countertop Bathroom Basin Right Hand White Ceramic 360mm x 235mm Taranto
Kitchen Cupboard and Surface

14. Marble Counter Top

Marble is durable, solid and would make a great counter top for your basin. It can come in so many colours and finishes This one is mounted on a a study framed unit which will hold the weight of the marble and the basin.  

Ikea Hack - Kitchen Island
Marble top on frame
Marble top on rustic table

15. Sideboard with Bathroom Basins

Remember those Ercol sideboards from the 1980’s? Bring that style back to life by using old sideboards as mounting tops for bathroom basins. Choose a wide cabinet like the one pictured and you’ll have room to mount two basins side by side in a his ‘n her option.

Sideboard with Bathroom Basin
Sideboard with Bathroom Basin

16. Upcycled Occasional Tables

Save money and create a totally unique stand for your basin by up-cycling an old occasional table. Simply rub down and varnish or paint in your chosen colour to let the basin really stand out.

Upcycled Occassional Table for Bathroom Basins
Mount your countertop basin on an upcycled occasional table
Upcycled Occassional Table for Bathroom Basins
Double countertop basins set on a re-used side table
Upcycled Occassional Table for Bathroom Basins
A bathroom basin mounted on a small side table

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