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5 Great Storage Solutions For Small Bathrooms & Cloakrooms

By Deborah | May 20, 2022

5 mins read | Bathroom Inspiration

Simple Storage Ideas for Smaller Bathrooms

New homes in the UK are 18% smaller than they were in the 1970’s, meaning there’s now less space in which to fit all your possessions. And property developers have found new innovative ways of creating living space from increasingly limited square footage, especially in city centre properties.

Not surprisingly, a large luxurious bathroom with a sunken corner bath, twin basins, perhaps a chaise longue and a jacuzzi are pipedreams for many. We may struggle to simply just fit a basic shower, basin and toilet in the room. So what chance do we have to add any storage furniture in our bathroom?

Here, we offer some practical ideas to help keep everything neat and tidy when space is at a premium.


Tip #1: Be ruthless and de-clutter

Declutter your bathroom for more storage room

De-clutter to get rid of non-essential stuff in your bathroom

Just as anyone who has gone through the house de-sizing process knows, it’s important to get to grips with what really needs to be kept when you have less space.

In the bathroom, do you really need to store all 24 toilet rolls in the corner? Would three fit neatly on a holder with the rest put in the airing cupboard, garage or even loft?

Although we’re a big fan of plants in the bathroom, choose a single plant rather than a set of three. Often, a single hero plant on display in a colour-coordinated pot can look better.

If you’re really struggling for space then carefully go through your toiletries and decide how often you use them. How many different shampoos and conditioner do you really use? Is that Christmas gift set from Auntie Doris five years ago ever going to get opened?


Tip #2: Get creative with your bathroom storage ideas

Once you’ve narrowed down the essentials for your bathroom, think about alternative ways to store them.

Mount a shelf above the door to store less-used items. This is usually a wasted space so is definitely going to give you more storage without taking away from your wall space or floor footprint.

Increase the size of your windowsill by either replacing your current sill with a wider one, or simply screw a piece of wood into the existing sill. This will give you more surface area for storing jars and bottles or perhaps just displaying your plant.

An overdoor hanging rack provides additional places to store items without taking up any additional space. The easiest of these is a rack with hooks on which to hang your towels or bathing robes.

Use a rack on the back of your bathroom door to gain more space

Use an overdoor hanging rack to hang towels from in a small bathroom

Corners are often forgotten about when planning bathroom space. Today, here’s a huge choice of vanity units designed to fit in a corner this is a great small bathroom storage idea to consider. Many of these units allow you to mount a basin on top, saving you even more space.

The space directly above your toilet cistern can also be used for extra storage. Just make sure you close the lid before reaching for anything! This simple storage shelving over the toilet makes good use of what otherwise would be empty space.

Additional storage over the toilet cistern Clever use of space to provide extra storage above a toilet

As an alternative to searching for new bathroom cupboard ideas, putting your towels fully on display can help solve a storage problem. The example below has a countertop basin mounted onto a shelf but would work equally well with a wall-mounted basin. With wall-hung taps, most of the pipework is hidden in the wall, creating even more space.

Display towels under a wall mounted basin

Basins mounted on the bathroom wall or on a shelf create space underneath for displaying towels


Tip #3: Alternatives to a bathroom cupboard ideas

Shower inset shelf

Shower inset shelving provides additional storage in small bathrooms

Rather than limiting yourself to adding storage cupboards to your bathroom, are there other cubby holes that could be used? If you’re doing any structural work in your bathroom, this might be a good time to create a recessed storage area into a wall. Inset shelves are particularly popular in showers as a place to store shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles.

If you’re creating these areas from new, then you have the benefit of being able to customise their size so that all your favourite bottles will fit.


Tip #4: Slimline units are great storage solutions for small bathrooms

Today, there’s a wide availability of bathroom furniture in slimline sizes. Floor vanity cabinets start from under 350mm deep, so your unit doesn’t protrude far from the wall. Similarly, bathroom mirror wall cabinets are available from just over 10cm deep.

Shallow bathroom mirror cabinet

Bathroom mirror cabinets are available from just over 10cm deep


Tip #5: Combine functionality

Why buy two tools when one will do both? Anyone who has ever used a drill screwdriver combo will understand the benefits of not having to search for or charge a separate piece of equipment. The same principle can be applied in the bathroom.

For example, shampoo with conditioner has been a stock item in the toiletries bag using one bottle instead of two. For extra storage, wall mirror cabinets are available with separate shelving for additional storage.

Storage shelf on bathroom mirror cabinet

Bathroom mirror cabinet with extra shelf for storage

No-one wants to use a cold bathroom on a frosty January morning, so correct heating is essential. A standard radiator needs lots of wall space and have nothing placed in front of it so the warm air circulates properly. If you’re tight for storage space, consider a tall ladder radiator which provides the heat but can also be used to store your towels. As a bonus, they’ll be lovely and warm when you step out of the bath or shower.

A ladder radiator can heat your bathroom and store towels Use a ladder radiator to store towels as well as heating the bathroom

Whatever size your bathroom, you can never have enough space to store your toiletries, towels and everything else. These five practical bathroom storage solutions will help you get the most from your room. Do some creative thinking, de-cluttering and select specifically designed bathroom furniture for small rooms. So, even the smallest of bathrooms can become the neat and tidy haven you dream of.

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