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5 Benefits of Wall Hung Bathroom Vanities

By Deborah | February 3, 2021

5 mins read | Bathroom Advice

Discover the Advantages of a Wall Mounted Vanity Cabinet

Benefits of using wall hung vanity cabinets
Wall hung vanities are becoming increasingly popular

1. Vanities mounted on a wall give an illusion of space

As wall hung vanity cabinets are mounted off the floor, they offer the illusion of more space, making the smaller bathroom feel bigger. They open up the room and free up the floor underneath the cabinet.

See how nice they look by adding a light under the cabinet.

Wall Hung Vanity with Down Lights
Lighting under a vanity unit makes your bathroom look larger

2. It's easier to clean under a wall-hung vanity unit

With no legs to interfere with the mop or hoover, cleaning the space underneath the wall hung vanity is a simple and easy thing to do. This is also the case if your bathroom becomes a wet room either by design or with over enthusiastic showerers! If water floods the floor, it is easy to mop up when there are no furniture legs to get in the way.

It's easy to mop under a wall mounted vanity
It's easy to mop and hoover under a vanity mounted on a wall

3. You can fit a vanity on the wall to suit your height

With floor mounted vanity cabinets, or pedestal sinks,  the basin height is already fixed by the height of the cabinet or pedestal itself.

This can be a problem if you are particularly tall or short; either you are bending right down to use the basin or must resort to a step or tip toes to be able to reach. Either way it’s not comfy or a practical installation.     

With a wall hung vanity, the cabinet and basin can be fitted to the wall, so it is at the height that suit your needs. 

avoid bending over a low sink with a wall hung vanity
Avoid bending over a low sink with a wall hung vanity cabinet

4. Wall mounted vanity units are an efficient use of space

Wall Hung Vanity Units are generally not as wide, back to front from the wall, as floor mounted vanities and this can be a huge advantage if space is at a premium.

They can fitted into narrow wall space and utilise those areas within the bathroom or cloakroom which you may not have considered before.

Wall Hung Cabinets
Save space by mounting your vanity unit on a wall

5. Added storage areas are provided

A Wall Hung Vanity will come with a cupboard or drawers underneath the sink, which would not be available on standard pedestal sinks. This is great for storing away bathroom necessities without everything being in plain sight.

helpful storage drawer under a wall hung vanity unit
A helpful storage drawer under a wall hung vanity unit

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