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Bathrooms Ideas On A Budget – 20 Quick and Easy Solutions

By Deborah | February 12, 2021

11 mins read | Featured

upcycling a sewing machine to a vanity unit is a great budget friendly bathroom idea

If you’re working to a tight budget, looking for ideas to renovate your bathroom can be a real challenge. But it doesn’t have to be! These 20 quick, easy and cheap Bathroom  Ideas On A Budget will help anyone update their bathroom quickly and cheaply. Whether wanting to tweak your existing style or change it up completely, there should be something here that can help.

Get your creative juices flowing and your overalls on and start creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check out Clickbasin’s Best on a Budget range for low cost options for your bathroom makeover.

1. The Best Low Cost Bathroom Makeover Tip - Get Painting

Paint is much cheaper than tiling and will give your bathroom the same level of freshness and a feeling of new. The biggest current trend is painting your bathroom ceiling. The simple design rule here is:

Anything but white and make sure it contrasts your wall colour nicely. 

This will not only give you a bathroom that looks bang up to date and you can be proud of, but can be done for less than £50.

Double bathroom Basin

2. Bring the Outside In

Plants are a great way to add a feel of luxury to any space. Their green colours contrast beautifully with the usual bathroom ceramic whites

Bathroom Plants

3. Update Your Bathroom Storage

If you don’t have the funds to completely re-do your whole bathroom then your best starting point might be to update your storage space.

Replacing your tired old bathroom wall cabinet with something more stylish and functional will not only offer a better-looking bathroom but provide some added functionality too. Plus, since these units are at head height, they draw the eye – giving it more attention from guests.

Or get imaginative with what you have laying around ..  

a low-cost innovative bathroom storage solution

4. Get a New Bathroom Mirror

It’s lesson one from the interior design handbook. A mirror will make any room feel larger and brighter. Swapping your old bathroom mirror for a more beautiful or modern style of mirror will change the look and feel of the entire room.

5. Or A Mirror Cabinet

Why not combine the previous two tips and get something that acts as both storage and a mirror? Combining the two functions will not only save space (if that’s a consideration) but also money – as you’re not having to buy two items.

6. Swap Out Your Basin Taps

If you can’t afford a whole new basin right now then changing just the taps might be a good way to create a more modern and pleasing look. This high quality matte black tap is the height of interior design fashion right now and will overhaul the feel of your basin for less than £55. Our short blog updating your bathroom with matt black taps gives you further ideas. 

7. Fancify Your Toiletries

Spend that little bit extra on a fancy soap bottle and a room fragrance that looks beautiful on display. Not only is this functional, but it also adds a visual and design aspect too for a small price.

8. Add-in Metals

Metal is a material that feels luxurious and expensive, especially in a bathroom. Finding small pieces like soap dishes or towel hooks will do the job and cost next to nothing.

9. Hang a Bathroom Robe

Even something as simple as hanging a robe in your bathroom can make the room feel more lived-in and liven up an empty/unused wall. This tip is great for function too giving you a designated space for a usually large and hard-to-tidy item.

10. Make a Feature out of the Everyday

It’s easy to neglect everyday items in the bathroom but simple changes to these can make a HUGE difference.

Pendant lighting instead of spotlights and a fun or nicely designed shower curtain – in place of that slightly suspect one you should have changed months ago, will boost your bathroom’s charm appeal.

11. Organise and Display Using Shelves

Shelving is not only a great way to store bathroom items – keeping them off the floor. It offers a space to display your prettier toiletries too. Adding visual interest to a previously unused wall or space is a great way to invigorate things.

12. Accessorise

Changing up (or adding in) accessories is a great and cost-effective way of freshening up your bathroom.

Depending on your style you can keep an eye out for these at your local supermarket and mix and match with various items. 

13. Give your Bathroom a Deep Clean

You’ll be amazed at how much difference a good deep clean can make to your bathroom space. 

If you have tiles, grout can get grimy and make the room feel drab and unpleasant. Tackle this with some rubber gloves, a toothbrush and a mix of baking soda and vinegar to bring the sparkle back

14. Find the Perfect Rug

Classically, you’d opt for a shower matt in a bathroom but these offer very little in terms of design options. 

Rugs offer similar functionality but also versatility and visually, they dominate the space. Completely changing the feel of the room for a fraction of the cost of a new floor.

15. Upcycle

Upcycling is perhaps the best way of renovating any room on a budget. Taking things that were destined for the tip and turning them into a signature, eye-catching centrepiece is not only great for the environment but your sense of pride too.

The only limit here is your imagination. We love what one of our customers did with an old sewing machine – installing a sink on top. The sky’s the limit.

16. Buy a Basin & Bundle Items

Basins range in price, enabling you to choose based on budget. You can also buy basins with taps and fittings to help further cut down on costs. To see examples of this check out our Bathroom Basins on a Budget range. The example below is less than £100.


17. Be Brave with Design

Sometimes the biggest hurdle when on a budget, is giving your space a feel of luxury or bespoke design. 

One brilliant way to combat this is to be brave with your choices. Buying cheap doesn’t have to force you down a particular style route. Make decisions you might not normally and see what you can create.


bold bathroom designs don't need to be expensive

18. Renovate your Towel Collection

Bathroom refreshes don’t come much cheaper than this. Simply swapping out your towels can elevate the space. Making what previously felt a little outdated, feel vibrant and new. It goes without saying, but for this to work properly, finding a nice towel rail to display them on will help immensely.

19. Paint the Floors

This one isn’t for the fainthearted but painting floorboards has grown hugely in popularity recently. The more artistic among us even opting to go for a pattern. You’ll need a decent wood paint and ideally one designed for floors.

The pros with floor paints being that they are more durable and less slippery when dry. The cons are that you’ll be more limited with colour options.

Similar to tip 1, this is so much cheaper and less time consuming than painting the ceiling).

painting the floor for a cheap bathroom makeover

20. Hang a Gallery on your Bathroom Wall

A picture gallery looks amazing in any room, not just your living area. This look is easy to achieve and can be done incredibly cheaply by using budget picture frames and printing your own images.

hanging pictures on the bathroom wall is a cheap makeover tip

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