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Dark Oak Bathroom Vanity Cabinet | Luxury Bathroom Choice

By Deborah | April 2, 2021

5 mins read | Featured

Dark Oak Vanity Cabinet

Warmth and Luxury in your Bathroom with Real Wood

Dark wood vanity units provide contrast in light bathrooms

Dark Oak Vanity Cabinets

Here at Clickbasin, we have always said that the Dark Oak Range of Vanity Cabinets is the best choice if you want to add warmth to what can be a cold room. Tiles, ceramic and more tiles can make the room clinical but with the addition of a natural wood product it lifts the room perfectly. Furthermore, this unit shown also adds a colour that compliments floor tiles perfectly.

At 60cm, this is one of our mid-sized vanity cabinet in the Dark Oak Alta range  

The drawer is false to hide the plumbing and the bottom cupboard with internal shelf gives super storage. 

Dark wood adds a feeling of warmth to what could be seen as a cold room
LCU Wenge
The Dark Oak vanity sits really well with a glass sink and by utilising a corner, it gives extra storage as well

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