Double Sink Bathrooms | The Complete Buyers Guide

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Double Sink Bathrooms | Complete His n Her Bathroom Basin Buyers Guide

By Deborah | October 11, 2021

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Why should we have a Double Basin Bathroom?

Busy Bathroom
Busy Bathroom

We all know that the bathroom can be a busy place especially in the morning rush hour, with the sink in the highest demand for all our bathroom activities,

A double ‘his n her’ basin bathroom will give both partners their own space with their own bathroom necessities to hand.   This will most definiately avoid any bathroom snarl ups .  A great individual addition would be an individual mirror bathroom cabinet over the basins so each partner has there own toiletries to hand.

Busy Bathroom Sink
Busy Bathroom

This idylic image, in reality, is never as harmonious especially when the little ones start to grow up and the fight to the sink begins !

A double basin in the family bathroom allows more people to use facilities at busy times and when well planned, will give extra storage and surface for all the lotions and potions a family would need.   Think about having enough cupboards or cupboard space so everyone in the family has their own space for their own toiletries.  

Value to Property
Value ££ in the property

Adding Value to the Property

The difference in cost from installing a single basin to a double basin might not be as much as you would think.  Yet it could add a lot more to a property value and also create that wow factor we all want from our home renovations. 

What are my Double Bathroom Sink Options?

Here are some suggestions for double sink bathroom options.

Two Individual Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

This is a great option if you don’t have the space for one long vanity cabinet. 

Any flat surfaced piece of furniture,  retro or new, could be used with a choice of Countertop Basins or Undercounter Basins .  From a cabinet, set of drawers or shelf .. really its down to your own imagination 

Two Single Bathroom Vanity Sinks
Two Single Bathroom Vanity Sinks

This double sink bathroom has used the space either side of the door to create individual washing space .. although these are quiet large vanities, but if you only have a small space then don’t worry there are small bathroom vanity cabinets availabe from just 37cm which could utilised this space to offer double basin bathroom.

Two Single Bathroom Vanity Sinks
Two Individual Cabinet with Undercounter Basins

This double sink bathroom has used the space in different parts of the bathroom to create individual washing space ..

Another option would be to utilise two, often unused, corners to create individual space.  A corner bathroom vanity would be ideal for this and would work well with a corner mirrored cabinet. 

corner cabinet and wash stand
Corner Bathroom Idea

Here are some more suggestions for double sink bathroom options.

Two Single Bathroom Vanity Sinks
Two Single Bathroom Vanity Sinks
Double Basins on Small Stand
Double Basins on Small Stand

Alternatively,  if the room is smaller or narrow then another option would be to choose two wall narrow hung vanities to offer his n her bathroom option.

Wall Hung Cabinets
Narrow Wall Hung Vanities

One Large Vanity Bathroom Cabinet with Double Sinks

This option may be a favoured option for the plumber as it’s an easier option for the plumbing.

This is a very stylish look especially with the matching furniture and mirror 

Double Bathroom Basin
Vanity with Counter Top Basins
Double Basin Vanity Cabinet

This Clickbasin customer used a tiled surface as a mount for these matching black glass basins .  The contrast with the red makes a really stricking bathroom

Customer Bathrooms
Double Basin on a Tiled Shelf
Double Basins on Floating Shelf
Double Stone Resin Basins on a Floating Shelf
Two Basins on Stand
Two Reggio Bathroom Basins on NarrowStand
Stone Resin Basins on Floating Shelf
Two Aero Stone Resin Basins on Built in and Tiled Shelf
glass 4
Two Clear Glass Basins on a Recycled Stand

Wall Hung Double Bathroom Sinks

Here are some suggestions for double sink bathroom which are wall hung and really your choice is huge as you just choose the basins to match the space.  As they are wall hung, they don’t have the storage as with the vanity cabinet but any smaller unit can be positioned underneath to help with this

Twin Wall Hung Bathroom Basins
Twin Wall Hung Bathroom Basins

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