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How To Care For Oak Bathroom Cabinets

By Deborah | February 15, 2021

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Double Bathroom Basin
Natural oak bathroom furniture looks amazing but needs to be properly cared for

Oak is A Natural Product That Needs Protecting

Solid oak bathroom furniture is a very popular and stylish choice amongst many householders refurbishing their bathrooms. These units compliment the majority of colour schemes and add a feeling of warmth into what can feel a sterile room with all tiles and plastic. You need to look after oak cabinets more than you would cheaper melamine / MDF alternatives since they are a natural product and here is our guide on how to best care for your oak bathroom furniture.

countertop basin on wooden vanity unit
Protect your oak vanity unit to help it last a long time

Caring For Your Oak Cabinet When It Arrives

On arrival, to avoid damaging or marking your unit when unpacking it from its cardboard outer box, don’t use a sharp knife to cut through the packaging on the box. Remove all the polyfoam protection making sure to keep the cabinet standing on its legs. Take care to remove the handles and shelf supports so as not to lose them in the discarded packaging. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the wood to remove any transport or storage residue or dust.

Before Installation, we deliver all our vanities with a light application of Danish Oil applied. As the item may have been in transit for some time, we recommend the application of a light or natural Danish Oil to bring out the grain. This will also provide a tough, waterproof finish prior to installation.

During Installation, the cabinets are undrilled to allow you to place the tap and basin exactly where you want it and also the pipes can be routed to suit your plumbing. Once the holes are drilled, take particular care to seal the newly drilled waste and tap holes with Danish Oil on the inside for extra protection.

After Installation, since we use vanity cabinets in damp and sometimes wet conditions, we recommend repeated use of Danish Oil as a suitable water-resistant finish. This should be applied every three to six months. This will prolong the life of the cabinet and keep the natural grains strong and visible.

Use Danish Oil to protect your oak bathroom cabinet
Danish Oil is a naturally water-repellant protector for oak

Why Use Danish Oil To Protect An Oak Cabinet

We recommend Danish oil as a preferred method of protecting your oak cabinet for the following reasons:

  • Danish oil is very easy to apply
  • Drying time is approximately 4-6 hours per coat
  • Your cabinet will have an attractive natural low sheen finish
  • There’s low odour when drying, and none when fully dry
  • It is specially formulated to penetrate deep into all types of timber, nourishing and protecting
  • The oil does not leave a surface film or varnish, and will not chip, flake, crack or peel
  • It is dirt resistant and will resist stains from wine, beer, coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, orange juice and food
  • Danish Oil is naturally water-resistant, yet is microporous to water vapour allowing the wood to ‘breathe’

There is a very helpful guide on How to apply Danish Oil

How To Clean Oak Bathroom Cabinets

As our oak bathroom cabinets are made from natural wood, we recommend that they are cleaned with just using a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. We would never suggest to use any type of abrasive cleaning products as they could damage your oak furniture.

Please avoid excessive exposure to strong or direct sunlight as this can cause fading to the finish of your cabinet. Do not place your oak vanity cabinets next to central heating vents or radiators.

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