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A Complete Guide to Bathroom Sinks | Bathroom Basin Guide

By Deborah | July 21, 2021

5 mins read | Bathroom Advice

When people think of bathroom sinks, they tend to just picture the standard pedestal basin. However, there are many other kinds of sink on the market.  Each is suited to a different type of bathroom therefore choosing the right one can do a lot to make sure your bathroom fulfils its potential.

Here are 9 Styles of Bathroom Sinks

1. Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basin are probably the first type you will consider.  They are the default option. However, this doesn’t mean they are the right choice.

For those that want a classic look, they are a simple and functional solution. In addition, the pedestal neatly conceals the plumbing and helps to support the basin.

Pedestal Basin
Pedestal Bathroom Basin

2. Corner Basins

A Corner Basin is an extremely neat and space-efficient option for the bathroom or cloakroom. Its fits into that often unused area therefore utilises often dead spaces. In addition, to being space-savers option, they are visually unobtrusive thus making them perfect for a neat and tidy look in your bathroom.

Small Wall Mounted Corner Basin in White Ceramic 400mm x 310mm Cloakroom or Ensuite Sink Olbia
Cloakroom Corner Sink

3. Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom basins are a small and space-efficient option. They are compact and tend to use a single small mixer tap.  They can be wall-mounted and a minimal amount of pipework is tucked away underneath for a compact and neat-looking finish.  Or alternatively can be installed on a countertop  which is ideal for cabinets or shelves.  It could be fitted onto any flat surface to make a statement piece.

These cloakroom sinks are also another fantastic option for smaller bathrooms and ensuites.

Matte Black Floating 3
Black Stone Wall Hung 40cm x 22cm Cloakroom Basin

4. Countertop Basins

Countertop basins is the easiest of installs.  You can choose where you want it on the countertop.  This could be a cabinet, shelf, table or any flat surface, in other words, the options are endless. 

While freestanding they are actually fixed in place and plumbed in.  The counter to which the basin is fitted also serves to conceal the pipework and create storage space. Countertop Basins are a stylish and practical option and the range of sizes available makes the suitable for all sized rooms

What is a countertop basin ?
Countertop Basin on a Shelf

5. Undercounter Basins

Undercounter basins are often chosen to create a minimal, clutter-free look to your bathroom washing space.

These types of basin are mounted directly beneath a countertop, providing a continuous clear surface which is simple to keep clean. Most under-counter basins are supplied in white ceramic, enabling the customer to choose a contrasting countertop material which also matches the rest of the bathroom.


undercounter style basins create a neat, minimalistic look
undercounter style basins create a neat, minimalistic look

6. Wall Hung Basin

Basins mounted directly on the wall are a versatile and increasingly popular option for your basin. The key benefit of these basins is that they don’t need a countertop to be mounted on, plus they save lots of floor space. So, if space is at a premium in a bathroom, or you’re fitting a sink into a cloakroom or en-suite, then wall-mounted basins are worth considering.

Large Wall Hung Bathroom Basin
Large Wall Hung Bathroom Basin

7. Inset Basins

Sometimes referred to as vanity basins, Inset Basins  are simple in design and very easy to install, with the bowl placed directly into a hole in a counter or vanity and the outer rim sitting on top to support it.

Square Self Rimming Inset Bathroom Basin in White Ceramic 420mm Square Sink Berne
Square Self Rimming Inset Bathroom Basin in White Ceramic 420mm Square Sink Berne

8. Semi Recessed Basins

A new favourite in spas and luxury hotels, the  semi-recessed basins include a basin lip which hangs over and protrudes from the front edge of a vanity cabinet. They are seen as a cross between a countertop basin which sits on top of a cabinet and a recessed basin which is fully mounted below. These basins can be useful in allowing extra space between a sink and the back wall to put items such as tumblers and toothbrushes. These sinks are most often supplied in ceramic white, allowing them to be fitted onto a contrasting vanity unit.

Large Semi Recessed Bathroom Basin Rectangular in White Ceramic 540mm x 440mm Sink Vienna
Large Semi Recessed Bathroom Basin Rectangular in White Ceramic 540mm x 440mm Sink Vienna

9. Wash Stand Basins

Wash Stands
Wash stands provide an alternative to traditional pedestal basins and have a chic, modern look with a minimalistic style. These often feature shelving or rails for hanging towels and are without enclosed storage cupboards.

Belfast Style Bathroom Basin Bundle Ceramic White with Wooden Stand Chrome Towel Rail Tap and Waste Verona
Belfast Style Bathroom Basin Bundle Ceramic White with Wooden Stand Chrome Towel Rail Tap and Waste Verona

Basin Shape

Now you’ve chosen your style of basin, all you have to do is decide on the shape. There are five most common shapes of basin available:

The actual shape chosen is often down to a personal preference. People who like to immerse their elbows into the water may prefer a deep and wide rectangular basin whilst for others who like to splash their whole face at once, a simple round bowl may work better.


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