Undercounter Bathroom Basins – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Undercounter Bathroom Basins – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Undercounter basins offer a clean and minimalist look. 

These space-saving centrepieces come in a range of chic and stylish designs and pair beautifully with vanity cabinets. Making them a versatile option that fits in with a wide variety of bathrooms. 

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know before buying an undercounter basin. Starting with the basics…

What is An Undercounter Basin?

An Undercounter bathroom basin sits under the counter or vanity and is flush with the under surface.  These basins have a much more minimal look than their counter-top or free-standing equivalents. As they appear to be sunken into the countertop saving space and giving the illusion of more surface space.

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The Benefits of an Undercounter Basin

Having a basin that sits snugly into the counter, not only looks sleek, stylish and minimal but carries the added advantage of offering storage, washing and preparation areas, all in one. Offering convenience during your morning and evening routines – everything is close to hand.

They are also the easiest of sinks to clean. There are no hard to reach areas behind, as on a countertop, which avoids the need to contort yourself around to disinfect or mop any over-spills. The surrounding counter surface can also be cleaned with dirt and residue wiped directly into the basin.

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An undercounter basin also offers a more luxurious aesthetic. Mirroring the look you often find in high-end hotels or stately homes. The fact the basin is flush with the surface will make your bathroom look and feel more integrated and designed in tandem with itself. Whereas other basin designs can risk the room looking a little disjointed and patched together.

The need for a countertop or vanity unit can also be a huge benefit as a well-chosen counter can add another level of visual chic to the room. Be warned though, this fact means that inset basins are not always a great choice for small bathrooms and cloakrooms as they take up more floor space than a wall-mounted or corner basin.

Styling with an Undercounter Basin

Unlike countertop basins – that come in a range of different styles and materials. These ‘sunken’ basins usually come in ceramic and the look, design and style is dictated by the vanity unit itself. 

Undercounter basins can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and will sit nicely in any style or material countertop, whether it’s a classic oak or modern-looking marble or stone and stone effect surface as well as melamine as used in kitchens.

As under-counter basins do come in a variety of shapes, this helps them blend into the overall feel of any bathroom or cloakroom.

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Can I Install an Undercounter Basin Myself?

Our recommendation would certainly be to hire a professional when installing this type of basin, as this will usually offer you a much nicer and professional-looking finish. Because of the nature of the design, any mistakes with tailoring your countertop/vanity unit could be visible when the job is finished. It’s important this is done correctly.

However, if you’re quite handy and like to have a go yourself, installing your undercounter basin isn’t impossible. Just be sure to pay attention to manufacturers instructions and make certain you have the right tools for the job.  Measure twice and cut once is the motto with an undercounter basin.

What Will I Need to Install the Basin?

The first two things are rather obvious, that’s an undercounter basin and a vanity unit. Of course, you’ll need taps, hoses, waste traps etc. and you’ll need to ensure that all of your components are compatible. 

Once you’ve sorted those, you’ll need the following tools and materials.

  • A Drill
  • A Jigsaw 
  • A Silicone and Caulking Gun
  • A Plumbers Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Spirit Level
  • Pencil
  • No Nails Glue 
  • Builders Aluminium Strapping / Undercounter Fixing Clips and Bolts

The countertop supplier, especially if its marble should be able to provide the correct fixings for your undercounter basin and also cut out the aperture too

You’ll be able to find lots of guides online for fitting your undercounter basin, however, if possible consult a professional before taking a saw to your new vanity unit.

Where Can I Mount an Undercounter Basin?

Undercounter basins can be mounted under pretty much any flat surface, though for the best results you’ll need a vanity unit. 

undercounter basin marble

Undercounter basins can be mounted to shelves and other surfaces but you must bear in mind that the bottom of the basin will protrude underneath. This will detract from the luxurious feel that you’ll otherwise achieve. Again it comes down to personal taste but most people seem to prefer the look of these basins when fitted with a stylish vanity unit. I for one, am with them.

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What Taps Can I Fit With an Undercounter Basin?

All undercounter basins come without a tap hole, so you will need a freestanding bathroom tap. The beauty of this is that the tap can be placed wherever you want, either the side or back giving loads more options. Alternatively, you could opt for a wall-hung tap for a sleeker look. 

To make this easier, Clickbasin offer product bundles so you can have peace of mind knowing your basin, taps and fittings will all fit together perfectly.

Inset and Undercounter Basin Vanity Units

If your heart’s set on an undercounter basin, then a great place to start is by looking at vanity units and deciding which style is right for you.   

Vanity units can be wall-mounted or freestanding and come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes from a larger focal point for a more grandiose bathroom to smaller units when space is at a premium.

Vanity Units offer storage advantages as well as looking fantastic in the space. And, our range will arrive fully assembled meaning less hassle and making installation easier. 

Once you’ve chosen your ideal vanity unit, choosing an inset or under counter basin and taps to suit your bathroom aesthetic couldn’t be easier. 

Our website allows you to build a basin, unit and tap set – perfect for your bathroom.

Once you’ve settled on the combination for you, it’s then possible to find matching bathroom accessories such as mirrors and wall cabinets, to ensure your bathroom is fully synchronised. Find out more here.

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