Maintaining and Caring for your Oak Cabinet

Solid oak bathroom furniture is a very popular and stylish choice amongst many who are refurbishing their bathrooms. As a natural product these vanity cabinets do need more care and attention than the melamine alternatives. Here is a guide to installing and caring for your clickbasin solid oak bathroom furniture.

On Arrival

To avoid damaging or marking your cabinet when unpacking it from its cardboard outer box be careful not to cut through the packaging on the box. Remove all the polyfoam protection making sure to keep the cabinet standing on its legs and taking care to remove the handles and shelf supports and not to lose them in the discarded packaging Take a damp cloth and wipe down the cabinet to remove any transport or storage residue or dust. 123

At Installation

All of our cabinets are delivered with a light application of Danish Oil applied. As the item may have been in transit for some time, we recommend the application of a light or natural Danish Oil to bring out the grain, and give a tough, waterproof finish prior to installation and during installation – taking particular care to seal the newly drilled waste and tap holes with Danish Oil.As the cabinet is used in damp and sometimes wet conditions, we recommend repeated use of Danish Oil as a suitable water resistant finish. This should be applied every three to six months. This will prolong the life of the cabinet, and keep the natural grains strong and visible.With Danish oil applied the water beads on top and can be easily dried off without seeping into the wood and causing damage.

Why Use Danish Oil

We recommend Danish oil as a preferred method of protecting your cabinet as it

It is very easy to apply

It dries in 4-6 hours per coat.

It gives an attractive natural low sheen finish.

It has a low odour when drying, and none when dry.

It is specially formulated to penetrate deep into all types of timber, nourishing and protecting.

It does not leave a surface film or varnish, and will not chip, flake, crack or peel.

It is dirt resistant and will resist stains from wine, beer, coffee, tea, coca-cola, orange juice and food.

It is naturally water resistant, yet is microporous to water vapour allowing the wood to ‘breathe’

Cleaning the Cabinet

To clean the cabinet, just use a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, never try to use any type of abrasive cleaning products as they could damage your oak furniture.Please avoid excessive exposure to strong or direct sunlight as this can cause fading to the finish of your cabinet or place them next to central heating vents or radiators.