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How to Fit a Bathroom Sink Waste Plug

If you are not sure which waste plug you need for your bathroom basin, then please read our How to Guide Which Waste Plug and Why?

Our sprung basin waste works by pressing the centre of the waste fitting in the basin, it pops up and releases the water from the basin.

The kit comprises of the basin waste plug, 2 sealing washer and a plastic fixing nut.

With the top seal cupped upwards on the waste, place it in the basin hole.

On the slotted waste, there are two holes and these have to line up with the internal overflow holes in the basin and must not be blocked.

Once the waste is in place in the basin and through the countertop, the second washer is them fitted to the waste, underneath the cabinet and cupped upwards.

The Black fixing nut is then hand tightened to secure the basin in place to the counter. The bottletrap is then fitted to the waste .