Maintaining and Caring for your Oak Cabinet

Please take a few moments to read this very important section to enhance and prolong the lifetime of our Solid oak Bathroom Cabinets.

- Unpack the cabinet from its cardboard outer box – to avoid damaging or marking your cabinet, please be careful not to use a knife to cut through the tape or packaging on the box or cabinet. Remove all polyfoam protection making sure to keep the cabinet standing on its legs

- Take a damp cloth and wipe down the cabinet to remove any transport / storage residue or dust.

- To avoid damage, the handles for drawers have been affixed so they do not protrude from the cabinet during shipping. Remove the handles and reposition the correct way around.

- All of our cabinets are delivered with a light application of Danish Oil applied. As the item may have been in transit for some time, we recommend the application of a light or natural Danish Oil to bring out the grain, and give a tough, waterproof finish prior to installation. Danish Oil is available in most DIY stores, or online at

- As the cabinet is used in damp and sometimes wet conditions, we recommend repeated use of Danish Oil or other suitable water resistant finish. This will prolong the life of the cabinet, and keep the natural grains strong and visible.

- The cabinet comes with no external holes or outlet areas, this again is to allow flexibility of fixing and fitting. Please take care when drilling or cutting the outlet areas of the cabinet, and, it is VERY IMPORTANT that any drilled or cut out areas are sealed with the Danish Oil or other suitable Waterproof sealant.

- As the unit will come into contact with water, we advise water is not allowed to rest on the surface of the cabinet, as, over time this could shorten the longevity of the wood. Please towel dry any spillages as soon as possible in the direction of the grain

- Never try to use any type of abrasive cleaning products as they could damage your Oak furniture.

- Please avoid excessive exposure to strong or direct sunlight as this can cause fading to the finish of your cabinet

By following the above instructions, the lifetime of your Solid oak Bathroom cabinet will be greatly enhanced.

We hope the above instructions are clear and will help to keep the cabinet in perfect condition for years to come. If you do have any further questions prior or after installation, please feel free to e mail us at or call on 01772 671354