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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Hung Bathroom Taps

By Deborah | August 10, 2021

2 mins read | Bathroom Advice

Wall Hung Tap on Brick Wall
Wall Hung Tap on Brick Wall

What is a Wall Hung Bathroom Tap

A Wall Hung Bathroom Tap is fixed to the wall and used with a basin which does not have a tap hole.   The Tap Manifold is hidden behind the wall with the hot and cold source pipes attached to the manifold.   The tap spout and control handle are fixed to the manifold and are the only things visible through the wall and tiles

Stone resin basin with wall hung taps
Stone resin basin with wall hung tap

Advantages of a Wall Hung Tap

1._ Wall Hung Taps keep the counter top surfaces clear which makes for easy clean and maximum space for bathroom bottles.  Or …

2.  A Wall Hung tap can give the best option for the minimalist looks as it keep the surfaces clear

Wall Hung Tap with Undercounter Basin
Wall Hung Tap with Undercounter Basin

3. When short on space, a wall hung tap allows you to have the biggest basin in the narrowest of spaces as you don’t need to allow space for a freestanding tap or a tap on a basin. 


Wall Hung Tap for Narrow Basins
Wall Hung Tap with Undercounter Basin

4. As a Wall Hung Tap can be placed in the wall at a height to suit you and your bathroom.  It gives the most flexibility which is unlike any other tap and a great advantage.

Corner Shelf with Countertop Basin
Wall Hung Tap with Undercounter Basin

Disadvantages of a Wall Hung Tap

1._With a Wall Hung Tap, you need to ensure the spout length is the right size.  If it isn’t then water may splash or drip onto the surface or floor.   Ideally the tap spout should be central to the basin. 

This is not a major disadvantage but more over something to consider when buying.

Wall Hung Tap
Spout central to the basin is ideal

2._As the tap manifold and plumbing is hidden behind the wall, if something should fail then there can be some extra work to fix as access is not the easiest.

Wall Hung Taps and Tiles
Wall Hung Taps on Tiled Wall

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