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Countertop Basins – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

By Deborah | April 14, 2021

15 min read | Bathroom Advice

countertop basin on wooden vanity unit
countertop basin on wooden vanity unit

Countertop basins are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their minimal design with practicality and versatility. 

They come in a large range of styles and sizes therefore suit any bathroom aesthetic.  Countertop basins can be matched with any vanity unit or tap style and are, in general, the easiest to install. 

It’s easy to see why you’d want a countertop basin in your bathroom but what should you know before buying one? This guide will tell you everything.  Let’s start with the basics.

What is a countertop basin ?
Large Round Countertop Basin in White Ceramic 400mm Diameter Freestanding Sink Arezzo

What is a Countertop Basin?

A countertop basin is simply a basin that’s mounted to a flat surface. This surface could be a wall hung basin shelf, an old table or even a set of drawers. Normally though, you’ll find them mounted on top of a bathroom vanity unit – which again could be wall-mounted or a freestanding cabinet.

Like all basins, countertop basins generally look like a large bowl though can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The main difference being that countertop basins have no need to connect to the wall at the back. 

The Benefits

Countertop basins tend to provide more space.   Since they sit on top of the counter, they can be placed anywhere on the counter hence they suits both the plumbing and position that works best for you. 

As some freestanding basins are just the washbowl with no back ledge or tap hole and for this reason this design will give you larger water capacity in addition to more options for the placement of the tap.  Whether it’s behind the basin or to the left or right, the choice is yours.

Another advantage of some freestanding counter-mounted basin is the glazing .  Some are glazed all the way around, including the back of the basin. This is a great choice if you are placing the basin in front of a mirror as no-one wants to see an unglazed grey edge every day! 

It is always recommend checking with the supplier to make sure yours is glazed all the way round, if this is a feature you would like.

Sitting on top of the counter also places them at a more convenient and comfortable height than many other kinds of basin and they can be stylised to look modern and contemporary or rustic with old fashioned charm.

What Different Styles of Countertop Basin Are There?

Double Bathroom Basin
His n Her Matching Counter Top Basin

Countertop basins come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes. The beauty of having something that mounts on top of a flat surface is that it doesn’t need to fit any specific parameters for fitting a designated space.   

Whether you’re looking for a modern luxury hotel feel or a more rustic, classic look, you’ll definitely find something that ticks all of your style boxes. Here are a few of the more popular choices.

Round Countertop Basin

Round Countertop Basins
His n Her Matching Counter Top Basin

Rectangle Countertop Basin

Narrow Countertop Bathroom Basin in White Ceramic 490mm x 250mm Freestanding Sink Treviso
490mm x 250mm Clickbasin Treviso Countertop Basin

Rectangular countertop basins are effortlessly stylish and you don’t need to break the bank in order to add an indulgent feel to your bathroom.

Some rectangle basins are designed for the narrowest of rooms – including one of our most popular basins which is just 25mm deep perfect for the smallest of places. As with freestanding basins, the tap can be placed at the left or right of the basin or even on the wall  surely making this a very versatile solution.

Square Countertop Basin

Square basins are neat and compact, matching well with angular looking taps and bathroom accessories. A great way to save space in smaller bathrooms or on top of smaller vanity units, without compromising on style.

Non-Ceramic Basins

Countertop bathroom basins don’t need to be ceramic, there is so much more choice available now. Here are some more suggestions…

Natural Stone Basins

You can’t get more unique than a natural limestone basin as each one is crafted from natural stone and they each contain individual sediment markings which were laid down millions of years ago. A truly special basin.

Black Countertop Natural Black Stone Basin
Countertop Natural Black Stone Basin

Glass Basins

Glass basins offer something different from the norm and will really catch the eye in your bathroom space. From black to frosted and reinforced to make them durable, they’re a great choice for any size room.

Clear Glass Shabby Chic Bathroom
Large Round Countertop Bathroom Basin Clear Glass 420mm Diameter Sink Padova

Stone Resin Basins

Stone resin basins are carefully crafted from a mineral and acrylic bond and come in a pure white colour. This makes them not only incredibly easy to clean but also ensures these quality sinks are built to last. They are silky smooth with a matt finish and are made from composite material allowing great one piece designs and shapes

Square Countertop Bathroom Basin in White Stone Resin 425mm Square Freestanding Sink Agio
Large Round Countertop Bathroom Basin Clear Glass 420mm Diameter Sink Padova

There’s a whole host of different styles to choose from, if you want to check out more, take a look at our full range of countertop basins here. 

How do I Fix the Basin to the Countertop?

Can I Install a Countertop Basin Myself?

Whilst not rocket science you will need some basic DIY skills to fit a countertop basin yourself. You will need to drill a drain hole in the counter and do some basic plumbing and it’s important to check the basin for special mounting instructions though most do follow a similar process. 

If unsure or not very DIY-inclined, then getting a professional in is a much better option and will usually guarantee a nicer finish.

How do I Fix the Basin to the Countertop?

We are often asked how does the basin stay in place on the work surface? .. and the answer is the waste plug

As you can see from the image below, the waste has a long shaft which fits through the basin and then the counter and is then secured underneath the counter with the large fixing nut to hold the basin in place. 

Once secure, silicone is applied all the way around the edge of the basin to prevent water seeping underneath the basin and sitting stagnant on the counter

Bathroom Waste
How to fit a bathroom basin waste plug

Where Can I Mount the Countertop Basin?

As previously discussed, countertop basins can be mounted to pretty much any flat surface, providing that waste holes have been drilled – which again you can do yourself or hire a professional for.   It’s important to consider the height of the unit also as the basin itself will add to the height and potentially mean the whole thing is taller than is comfortable for use.   Ideally, when fully built and installed the basin should be around 75-90cm high. 

Buying a purpose-built vanity unit with basin included will take away any guesswork and leave you with a better functioning, often-more-stylish finish.  Alternatively, you can select a vanity cabinet on its own and add your own choice of basin.

If using something that wasn’t originally designed to have a sink mounted on top of it, bear in mind that things such as drawers will likely be unusable – though do make a nice decoration on the front. And, the back will need to have an opening to enable plumbing.

basin on sewing machine
Large Round Countertop Bathroom Basin Clear Glass 420mm Diameter Sink Padova

What Taps Can I Fit with a Countertop Basin?

You don’t need any specific type of tap or specialist fitting to go with your countertop basin, meaning any style, shape, design you can think of (or match to your bathroom) will be suitable.

The only thing to bear in mind is the tap on and off handles. If the tap is going to the back of the basin, ideally the tap will need handles on the top rather than at the bottom. If they are at the bottom, turning the tap on and off will be problematic and difficult to reach.

Some basins will feature a tap hole which enables you to fit your choice of mixer tap, whilst others will need to be fitted through your vanity unit and positioned accordingly – taller taps will work best here for obvious reasons.

Alternatively fitting a wall tap above the basin will save space and look amazing too.

selection of bathroom basin taps
selection of bathroom basin taps

Clickbasin is a family-owned, professionally run company that specialises in the highest quality bathroom basins, bathroom vanity units, cabinets and all the associated accessories.

Our aim is to provide the best quality products and the highest quality service possible. From countertop basins to bathroom cabinets and bathroom mirrors, every product we stock, we’re proud to sell it under the clickbasin brand.

We value our business and our customers, it’s something we’re proud of and we hope this is reflected in the personal, polite and professional service we provide.

About the Author

Deborah Heardman

Deborah is an expert in bathroom basins and storage solutions, with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Since joining Clickbasin, Deborah has become an enthusiast for all things bathroom and a trusted authority on the topic.