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Why You May Need a Corner Basin

A corner basin is exactly what you might imagine given the name: a basin designed to be mounted in the corner of the room between two walls. While it is possible to put many other types of basin in a corner, a corner basin will look neater in this setting and not look as if it is being crowded by the presence of a second wall. There are a number of reasons you may be better off choosing corner basins rather than other types of bathroom sink.

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Are Cloakroom basins Just for Small Bathrooms?

Cloakroom basins are most popular among those with smaller bathrooms or compact second lavatories. They are small wall-mounted basins with minimal pipework and a small single mixer tap. In short, they are designed to be compact and to save space in rooms where this is an important consideration.

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Tips on Choosing Bathroom Sinks, Showers and Toilets for Your En-suite

These days, many of us choose to build an en-suite in our homes as privacy becomes both a convenience and a necessity. With many of us sharing homes with other family members such as grandparents, or starting large families, there often comes a time when an extra bathroom would be ideal. Perhaps an elderly relative lives with you who would like a little privacy and independence, or maybe there’s a large age gap between your children and your eldest would appreciate their own space. It could just be that you would like your own area to rest and relax away from your busy family life. Whatever the reason, having an en-suite means you no longer need to share bathroom sinks, showers or toilets with the whole household – but how do you design this space?

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How to Keep Bathroom Sinks and Other Surfaces Clean

Clean Bathroom Sinks

Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places in your house. It’s easy to spread germs to those around you, especially if people share towels, share toothbrushes and flush with the lid up (this spreads toilet germs as far as 6 feet!). By having separate towels for different members of the household, and separate towels for hands, faces and bodies you can reduce the risk of germs spreading. You can also follow other advice such as not sharing bathroom cups, and ensuring you thoroughly wash your hands after coming into contact with anything that may spread germs.

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The Benefits of a Corner Basin

Corner basins are one of the many types of bathroom sink on the market today. As you might expect, they are basins that are mounted in the corner between two walls of the bathroom. They tend to be compact and fitted with small but functional mixer taps.

Different styles of basin offer different advantages, and a corner basin will offer some very distinct benefits that will make them ideal for a variety of different homes and bathrooms. Some of the key advantages you can expect if you choose a corner sink for your bathroom include the following.

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The Benefits of Countertop Sinks

Countertop sinks are an interesting and useful form of basin, and they can fit well with a variety of bathroom styles in a range of different homes. There are a number of benefits to choosing a countertop basin. Some of these are purely aesthetic benefits, but others are practical.

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How to choose the best cloakroom sinks for your downstairs bathroom.

Cloakroom Sink

Installing a downstairs bathroom always brings many benefits to a family’s home. Firstly, it is sure to significantly increase the value of your home when the time comes for you to sell it. But also it is a great feature because it lightens the load on the main family bathroom. Having a spare toilet is always a great idea because it means far less arguments, especially first thing in the morning! When it comes to picking cloakroom sinks for your downstairs bathroom, it’s important to choose carefully. Read on for our guide to finding the perfect cloakroom sink for your downstairs bathroom.

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Why do interior designers love a countertop basin so much?


When you are planning a new bathroom, it’s the little details that make the big differences. The more thought you put into your bathroom, the more pleased with it you will be when it is finally finished. Spend loads of time flicking through style guides and interior design magazines in order to get plenty of inspiration for your very own stylish bathroom. Think carefully about colours and designs, and remember to include plenty of storage for toiletries and accessories so that they don’t clutter up the room. When it comes to choosing the sink, more and more interior designers are favouring the countertop basin.

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A Brief Guide to Bathroom Sinks

When people think of bathroom sinks, they tend to just picture the standard pedestal basin. However, there are many other kinds of sink on the market, and each is suited to a different type of bathroom. Choosing the right one can do a lot to make sure your bathroom fulfils its potential. Some of the key options available include the following:

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The Benefits of Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom basins can be a very convenient, useful and stylish alternative to traditional pedestal sinks for your bathroom. However, many people are unsure what exactly this type of basin is or what advantages it offers over the more traditional variety.

What Are Cloakroom Basins?

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