Creative bathroom storage ideas

Bathroom storage is something a lot of people want more of. Our bathrooms are busy places and can contain a lot of items, from towels, toiletries and medication to cleaning solutions, toilet roll and toothbrushes. It’s the place we keep a lot of general household essentials and yet it is usually the smallest room in the house.


So, with this in mind, we’ve come up with some creative bathroom storage ideas for you to try at home.


A bathroom shelf


Bathroom shelves are one of the easiest ways you can store items in your bathroom. They’re especially handy for those homes that don’t have a lot of floorspace for big units or vanity cabinets. A shelf can fit in so many places, such as above the toilet, above your sink and even above your bathroom door.

large white shelf on the wall with black hooks underneath it

Photo by Jonny Caspari


This shelf and hooks unit has been put behind the bathroom door, which you can just about see on the right in the picture above. The shelf has been used for decorative purposes but you could use it for handy items that you don’t use a lot, such as fancy bath bombs or unopened bottles of body wash that you need when your current one runs out. 


And who says hooks are just for towels? They can be used to hang products on or a fabric bag that’s full of spare toilet paper.


If you have the space, a shelf unit is a good idea to hold your towels, bathmats and any other large, bulky items.


A bathroom cabinet


A bathroom cabinet is multifunctional. It’s a place to store things and most cabinets have a mirror front which you can use when you’re brushing your teeth or applying your makeup. But what are some of the things you could put in your bathroom cabinet?


What to put in a bathroom cabinet


There isn’t really a limit to what you can put in your bathroom cabinet. They’re useful for items that you may not want on display, such as razors, medication or sanitary products. They’re also good for small items that may otherwise get lost, such as hair clips and bobbles or cotton buds.


If you find that you often get up in the night for water, you could keep a spare glass in there, just in case. 


How to organise bathroom cabinets


You may find that your bathroom cabinet often becomes cluttered - you open the door and some items fall into the sink or onto the floor.


To keep your bathroom cabinet organised, you could use mini tubs or containers to organise the contents of your cabinet and keep individual items separate from one another. It also means you can label the containers and just pull out the one you need, like a mini drawer system.


inside of a bathroom cabinet full of products, makeup brushes, toothbrushes and accessories


This bathroom cabinet includes a mug to hold makeup brushes, a small plastic tub in the top left to keep hair clips together.



Storage is the key to a neat and tidy bathroom and we hope you can utilise some of the storage solutions we’ve provided.