Customer Reviews

The Team at Clickbasin are very proud of the products and service we offer. We have a very structured process of ensuring that we deliver a high quality product, at a great price, in a timely and efficient, trouble free manner. We use the following way of ensuring we achieve this.


- Source and buy only the best quality items - We buy all our products direct from manufacturers - so we can control and manage the quality of every item we sell. We regularly visit and review all of our suppliers, wherever in the world they are.

- Buy in large quantities to ensure we can offer market beating prices for all of our products.


- Have a clear, informative website that shows all the information required to complete a speedy process with minimal fuss

- All images and photographs are taken in our studio - so you know that the item you order is the item you will receive. No supplier supplied 'stock' photos.

- All items we sell are in stock, ready for despatch. No waiting weeks for items to arrive.

- Utilize a quick checkout process -This is a very important part of our website - we offer registration, and for people who don't want to fill in lots of details, a speedy guest checkout option.. Both processes are designed to take less than a minute to complete.

- Offer numerous payment methods - including Paypal - for easy completion of the sale

- Make the site 'mobile friendly '. The site has been designed to offer a speedy view and purchase process on mobile phones and tablets, as well as normal PC.

- A friendly telephone service - with a 'normal' telephone number and no automated switchboards. We don't feel its correct to charge customers to ring us up to speak to us.. be it to buy, or to ask. No 0845 numbers, and, no redirection on any call. Sometimes we are busy and lines cant be answered.. We have an answer phone service that we promise will be called most cases, same day.

- A speedy e mail response. All e mails are answered politely in the same day, or, if we are closed, the next day when we are open.

- Flexible delivery options. We can tailor most delivery options to suit, we offer 24 hour next day or 48-72 hour courier service for basins and smaller items and a Pallet Delivery for larger bathroom furniture

- Good quality delivery companies. The marketplace is filled with horror stories of lost deliveries, damaged deliveries, items left in places and with people that nobody knows. We are proud to use Yodel and DPD as our main parcel carrier, as they deliver the best in the industry. For our larger items i.e. oak cabinets, we have also taken great time to look at and work with companies who only deliver the best service. We have made our choice of delivery partners based on this service level, and continue to monitor and review all the companies we use.

- FREE DELIVERY on all items ( exceptions apply ). We feel it is right to offer this as a service for our customers. We get dismayed at delivery charges where it is quite clear that money is being made in the prices charged for this service. It is part of our service, we offer it because of the amount of items we send out, we get a good price from our delivery company - so we pass that on. We make NO money on any deliveries.


- Packaging. As we are fully aware, most of the items we sell are classed as FRAGILE. We have spent a lot of time and effort in getting the right packaging for each individual item we sell. We adopt a policy of overpacking rather than scrimping on packaging. The last thing anyone wants is to receive a damaged item. On the rare occasion damage during delivery does occur, we will speedily resolve and replace. We often get reviews commenting on the quality and standard of our packaging.. the people in the warehouse love to read them!

- Despatch time. Because all we sell is in stock, we despatch the next working day following the order being placed. We do not hang on to orders and delay despatch for any reason. We can also hold items until required if it helps you get work done before the items are delivered

- We communicate all the way through your order. We send confirmation of order, confirmation of despatch and also tracking details to allow you to follow your order from start to finish.


- We follow up every order with a request for feedback on how the sale went, form start to finish. These reviews are independent through Trustpilot. These form the basis of how we review how we deliver on how we have served our customers. We read EVERY piece of feedback we receive and act and change things if need be to improve our offer.

- We follow up every order with a product specific review request - so these can be added to the reviews shown on each product. All the reviews shown on the site are real reviews of the product they are shown with.

- Sometimes things do not go as smoothly as they should do, but, we deal with every issue on a personal level, ringing back when we say we will, replying to e mails when we say we will and owning and sorting any problems in a speedy, friendly, efficient manner.

Does all the above seems to good to be true??.. Please click on the links above to see how our customers have reviewed our items and service. We feel proud to see that using all the above, we do deliver a great product, at a great price, with speedy and efficient service!!